How do I get more views on my website?

Ever wonder how many people are coming to your website? Or why there is no one coming to your website? Don’t worry! I’m going to solve this problem for you.

Today’s post will be about how to get more and better views on your website. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to promote yourself online.

Use Google Analytics to track and analyze website traffic.

Nowadays, it is crucial to build a strong online presence. You need to have your hands on all the data, because that way you will be able to make necessary changes to improve your brand’s performance. Google Analytics provides website owners with in-depth information about how many people are coming to their websites and which parts of their website draw the most user interest.

What are keywords?

Optimize your siteby including keywords. Keywords are words that you think people would be searching to find you. These words should be in the title, headlines, body text, subheadings, and meta descriptions of the site.

For example for this article my keywords are

‘more website views’

So I put these in my big heading up the top, my ‘H1’, then I scatter them throughout the article. I might make some ‘H2’s and ‘H3’s with them too. 

But for my main site my keywords are

‘Melbourne Website Designer’

As that’s what I think people would search for to find me.

How do I Generate Links?

Include a link back to your blog on other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest. People go crazy for Pinterest, imagine all the traffic you could generate.

Ensure that when you create a Facebook page or Twitter account, it links back to your blog. You can then start spreading the word about your blog and attract new followers. Create YouTube videos and link them back to your blogs posts as well!

Are social media links good for my website? 

There are many ways of doing this but one of the most effective is by using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. One of my favorite sites is Facebook because it has such a large fan base and there are endless possibilities of what you can do with your account! By posting blog posts on Facebook, tagging your friends in the comments or even creating ‘pages’ where people can follow you and up-vote your content, all helps to get your blog noticed. These are just a few of the ways you can use Facebook to promote yourself online.

Pinterest is another great website where you can not only create boards for products, services and companies, but also pin images from your blogs posts! Not many people realize how much traffic Pinterest generates on the web so it’s definitely worth using if you want to boost your blog’s popularity. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated into businesses which promote online products.

Another great way to get a lot of exposure is by sharing videos on YouTube! I recently created this video for my website (in the hopes that people will come to my site to view the video) and linked it back to my website. It’s things like these that promote yourself online.

Create an email list which allows subscribers to receive updates when new content is posted online.

Enhance the design of your blog with graphics or images that are relevant to your posts 

Offer free downloads of ebooks or guides in exchange for an email address

Structured Data and Schemas

Structured Data, also know as Schemas, have to be implemented on the site to let the search engines, and other services bots, know what each section of your site is about. Products, services, reviews, blog articles, events and more, each needs to have a properly structured data/schema that explains, in code, each of the different areas of your site and what they are intended to for.

The website code

The code has to be done in a nice way so the search engines can collect all the information fast and easy. The site needs to be on a fast server/hosting in order to give the search engines the best and most complete answer to any query they throw at it.

Images and photos for my website will help with views

Website images need to be optimized and displayed with the right information and format and the main image/photo of each page needs to be available in the headers of the site so when social networks engines try to receive the website’s data it will be given to them in the best possible way.

Why is Responsive Design good for a website?

Every future client who may find you online has a smartphone at his/her disposal. Your website needs to be able to handle your customer devices and present your website in a responsive and optimized way. If your customer can’t read and see your products and services they won’t buy. That is why your site needs to be mobile-friendly and able to handle perform properly in any device. 

Does having Social Media help me get more views to my Website?

Social media works the same way, if you write an article, post it on social media. If you make a video, post it on social media. If you have a new product, post it in social media… You get the idea. Just don’t post the whole article, post a good section of it and create a link to your article in your site at the bottom so people can click on it to read more. The more exciting you make it the more traffic you’re likely to have.

Facebook and Google Plus, whether you like it or not, these are great tools for advertising. Just create your page on Facebook and/or Google Plus and invite all your friends into it.

After that just search for the pages of your competition and read thru them, you’ll find all the post that are doing great within those pages and you can create posts on your Facebook/Google Plus page with similar content. With a little search on google, I’m sure you can come out with a lot of ideas on similar content. This can attract people that were attracted by your competition before and can help bring traffic to your site.

What content should I put on my website to get views?

Don’t just limit yourself to articles, videos and images do even better on Facebook that text post. The possibilities are endless.

  • Learn your keywords
  • Get Into SEO and Marketing
  • Use social media


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