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What online presence do I need to be a successful business in 2021?

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or someone who is looking to start a business, it’s important that your online presence matches the brand of your company. There are many different platforms and services out there so we’re going to break them down and help you figure out what kind of online presence will work best for you.  Should I start a blog, create social media profiles, or maybe buy ads on Google? There are many ways to market your brand and you need to know which ones to start with.


TikTok is a social media platform that has been used by many companies as the basis of their branding. They use videos with celebrities and creative editing to create original content that can span from comedy skits, dance routines, or even short films in some cases. Tik-tokers are able to share these creations on other platforms such as Facebook for all who have access to this app!

Why should I use TikTok for my business?

A lot of companies today are using TikTok’s popularity as an opportunity for free publicity and advertising through fun celebrity partnerships


Snapchat is an app that offers a variety of creative ways to advertise.

Why should I use Snapchat for my business?

Companies are utilizing the instant messaging format and building their brands on this platform with hilarious filters, stories, and more!


Instagram is a great way to show off your products and reach potential customers. You can create an aesthetically pleasing feed with the help of other apps like Canva but hashtags are what really get things going for you.

Why should I use Instagram for my business?

The more people use it in their posts, the stronger its power as well. If your target audience is aged between 20-35, chances are they are on Instagram. 


Facebook is how businesses keep in touch with their customers and for many, it’s a necessity.

Why should I use Facebook for my business?

Facebook has been an essential marketing tool not only to interact with clients but also the platform of choice amongst most millennials who use this site as much more than just social media – they’re researching products and services on Facebook before deciding which one best suits them; checking out those “likes” that show up on all pages from friends 


Pinterest can be a great way for customers to stumble across your company. You can have your own Pinterest board going and people follow it as they come up with vision boards of their dream homes or party ideas.

Why should I use Pinterest for my business?

Pinterest is a world of its own and every day it offers up new beauty hacks, recipes to try out for dinner next week or vacation destinations.

Google My Business

Every day, Google is making it increasingly difficult for businesses to be found.

Why should I use Google My Business for my business?

With so many other websites and internet users vying for your attention, you need a presence that’s as strong online as in the physical world. This means ensuring that potential customers can find you effortlessly on their search engine of choice by optimizing your business with an easy-to-manage tool like Google My Business. 

You can upload photos or videos; add company descriptions with links to other pages on your site (think about including things like blog posts); even include customer reviews from sites such as TripAdvisor. 

A Website

A good website is the foundation of online presence and marketing, as it establishes a company’s professionalism. Furthermore, all other platforms are linked to this site for an easy-to-find location for information about products or services offered. Customers will find your business more easily with such a resource at their fingertips.

Why should I use a website for my business?

As the saying goes, “you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.” If you want to be successful online and grow your business, don’t just focus on Facebook or Instagram; invest time into building an engaging website that will help bring traffic to your social media sites.  If you are trying to increase sales by making a big splash with your ads on Twitter, it doesn’t mean anything if people who visited from there leave without checking out your site. An engaging website ensures that visitors stay connected with the brand through every step of the customer journey.



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