Words are powerful things, they shape who we are and how others see us. They speak louder than actions and make a lasting impression for good or bad so use them wisely! In this blog post I will provide some tips on how to use these powerful tools called words to be successful at whatever endeavor you choose.


The words people have spoken to me that have really resonated:

If you’re not busy with work. Treat getting work as a job

If you only work one or two days a week, don’t dwell on your lack of productivity the other days. Treat them as actual working days to find more opportunities for employment. Do something like write a blog post!. Use this time well by being proactive in finding jobs that are looking for people like you!

How do you find motivation?

It can seem like an impossible task to find motivation without working every single second of the week, however, self-care cannot happen if one doesn’t take care of themselves first. There are plenty ways this could manifest itself: going out with friends or staying active; go on job forums, take to Facebook local groups and see if anyone is posting opportunities, update your resume even cold calling, or chatting to people at the local cafe – you never know who you might meet that can drum up some work.


Charge what you would charge to re-make it.

Charge what you would charge to re-make it if it broke. This was said with me when I studied jewellery at university and is really stuck in my head because of how applicable the idea can be to all sorts of different things, not just jewelry but also anything that has been made by someone else. For example, say a person comes back after ten years wanting that same t-shirt they bought, which they originally commissioned from you–say for $10; now 10 years later your time costs more than this amount so its only fair to ask her or him $40-$50 instead? The point being: Charge an appropriate price upfront. Don’t short-change yourself.


Trust your gut when a client is going to be too difficult – Don’t let people waste your time

Trust your gut when a client is going to be too difficult. It sounds mean, but you can often tell from the first encounter if they are worth it or not by their phone call, email or text message. Sometimes it’s best just to say no and move on in life instead of wasting time with someone who won’t expect your work.


Time is money

Time is money so get the professionals to do what they do best, and you can let them handle it while you focus on doing what YOU DO BEST! Do you really want to spend the next 10 weekends painting your house? Or just pay someone the $4k to do it. As that money works out to be $200 a day, for the 20 days. Yes, you will have saved money doing it yourself, but by not doing it you have had invaluable time with your family, not procrastinated, and spent time feeling guilty because you never finished that one bit, and not broken your back from painting a roof. Those painters will get it done in 2 days.


You can learn how to do anything

It’s never been easier to learn something new! With YouTube and Google, I know that no matter how impossible it may seem at first glance, there are always tutorials out there for me.


You make your own luck – The luck theory

There is no such thing as a “lucky person.”  Walk a different way to school. Catch the train rather than driving one day. Say yes to going out to that dinner that you really can’t be bothered going to. As sometimes we just don’t know when something special will happen in a seemingly ordinary day and if that’s the case, then it is our responsibility to be ready for change at every moment.

Why are you so lucky?

You never know what might happen during those small encounters; they could lead up to big things!


You work to live not live to work

The average worker has a job that is difficult, monotonous, and provides no opportunities for creativity or self-expression; it becomes tedious after some time which makes the workers want more out of their lives than what’s expected from them at their jobs. It’s important to remember your life outside of work so you don’t spend every waking day under fluorescent lights with an alarm clock blaring “time to go!” as soon as 5 p.m hits on the dot.

 What is the most valuable thing in life?

Let’s not forget that time is our most valuable asset. It cannot be recouped or stored, and it does not grow on trees. When we have the opportunity to take control of what we do with our time, we should always consider how best to utilize this resource for productivity in order to move towards a brighter future.


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