Support & Training

Offering 1:1 training, make personalised videos, and fun YouTube tutorials.

I’ve been working with WordPress for over a decade and I’m keen to share my knowledge. My tutorials will teach you the ins-and-outs of running your own website.


I’ll make your website and then offer personalized private video tutorials. This way you can see what to do, not worry about forgetting anything and enjoy the empowerment of taking control of your website. The tutorials will be specific to you and your website.

Top words of wisdom to be successful

When I make you a website I will make you personalised videos on whatever you need.

Private videos on:

  • changing and adding an image
  • adding a new blog post
  • updating content
  • logging into your site
  • making hyperlinks

Check out some of my more in depth tutorials.

How to change your Hamburger Divi WordPress menu colour

How to change your hamburger Divi WordPress menu colour Follow these simple steps to change your drop-down menu icon colour. In a Divi Themed WordPress site, the Menu icon when in Mobile and Tablet view is of three horizontal lines, which are often described as a...

How can I prevent videos on Divi WordPress from being downloadable?

How do I remove the ‘Download’ option on a video on a Divi WordPress website? Isn't all contact on a website downloadable? It is unusual to see a video saved onto a website. There are normally uploaded onto an external site such and Vimeo or YouTube. However there...

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