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Gem Black will create and implement your website, on the platform of your choosing.

We will always recommend your site be built on WordPress, with a Divi theme, as Divi is easy for you to edit once it is live. 

If you aren’t a fan of Divi, then other theme options could be Elementor or Gutenburg. 

WordPress is a platform that allows you to create whatever kind of website you want. You can start out small with something like an online portfolio and turn it into anything from a membership site or even your own learning center. 

WordPress is also the most popular CMS on the internet.

If you want to create a first impression that is memorable. Make sure your website stands out for the right reasons.


Gem Black will create an optimized website, that works on all devices.


The design and functionality of your website is the foundation for expanding your business. Connect with customers, increase customer loyalty, show off products and services in a way that excites visitors to take action on what you offer – all these can be done through our website solutions.


All website packages include:
  • 1:1 Service
  • 1:1 1hr planning meeting in person or over the phone or video chat.
  • Custom menu
  • Sections with alt tags from your menu (these with jump down to the section of the website for easy navigation) 
  • Links to your Socials
  • Inserting your Written Content + Images
  • Custom How to videos to edit and maintain your site
  • Custom CSS (the look of the site)
  • Content Questionnaire + Checklist
  • Website Strategy Document
  • 2 x rounds of refinement
  • Yoast SEO Set up
  • Simple Content management system (CMS)
  • Responsive Design for Desktop, Mobile + Tablet
  • Use of a Divi themed site worth $249 USD

Websites made just for you

Packages & Prices

The Mini Website

A one page website. This package is perfect for new service-based business owners or those looking for just a little extra help.

from $980

The Classic website

The classic is a standard 5 page website with your staples. A well designed homepage, about, contact, services and faqs page. Set up with SEO.

from  $2250

The Online Store Website

Your 1 stop “shop” for a sale ready website. 10 pages perfectly crafted to highlight your product/ service with payment integration, shop connection to Instagram and Facebook, and an overall more automated experience. Set up with SEO.

from $3250

The Business pack - Website, Socials & Google My Business

A 10 page website. With Instagram and Facebook set ups. Set up of your Google My Business account so you are listed on Google Maps. SEO start up included.

from $3250

Freelance or any extras

Don't see what you want in the packs? Or pick a pack and add to it. I can change $80 an hour for add ons, or we can negotiate a set price.




Did you know I'm a qualified teacher? There are lots of possibilities here;

Are you interested in me making you a website, then I can teach you how to use it, either in person, or by making your personalised videos. 

Or would you or your child be interested in learning to code? I am proficient in HTML, CSS and Swift.

Do you want to learn  Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator?



Do you need written content for your website? Let me take the hassle out of it and do it for you. 

800 words of optimised ranking content.

from $200


Do you need a logo for your business? I can help. With three rounds of refinement. Your logo will be just how you want it. It will be delivered to you in .JPG .PNG the original .AI and the .PDF - So ready for all applications that you might need.


from $400

The set up

User friendly designs

We take your website’s UX seriously and craft it with the utmost level of care. We use high-quality artistic elements to make sure that each visitor has a unique experience, no matter what device they are on or where in the world they live.


If you’re looking for a website that provides the most direct way to buy your products and services, as well as an aesthetically pleasing experience, look no further than our websites. We make sure all of these elements are in place so you can rest assured knowing we will deliver success.

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The Websites

Gem Black Designs will make your website look very professional and easy to browse. This means that Gem Black Designs is able to increase the amount of time users spend on a particular site, which in turn equates to higher conversions from leads into customers or prospects.



The first step in developing any new site is planning out all aspects carefully: from interface layout decisions like color schemes or font choices, down to such details as what categories should go where for optimum browsing experience. With careful consideration at every stage, developers turn this plan into an interactive prototype with high visual fidelity – something users can really get their hands on while remaining faithful enough visually and functionally not only to represent your service but also provides some early user feedback too!


We make sure that the website is constructed in a way to be cross-platform and compatible with all browsers. That means customers are able to view our site without waiting for pages to load, which makes us super-efficient.

The efficiency of our company relies on how quickly we can provide high-quality images at low loading times. This has been achieved through implementing various optimization techniques as well as ensuring compatibility across platforms and browser types

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