Top tools to assist with building & maintaining websites

A website is a living thing that requires constant care and attention. In order to maintain it, you need a variety of tools such as:


There are many third-party analytics tools available but Google Analytics is by far the most popular.

Google’s Analytics provides you with free online reports that allow for easy tracking of your site visitors, what they do on the site and who they are. It also has a visualization report interface so you can instantly see which pages or posts attract the most eyeballs without having to pose questions to yourself like “What content drives conversions?” You can export data from each page as well as comparing multiple sites at once which helps when doing competitor analyses.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, open source website design and blogging software package. The platform has been specifically designed for easy customization of the site’s appearance and content so that anyone with a little bit of knowledge can create impressive websites in no time at all. WordPress offers templates to get you started easily as well as a library of free themes, plugins, widgets and add-ons already available on the web which allow for features such as e-commerce options or social media integration. The blog publishing dashboard makes it simple to post new articles so visitors can feed their ever-present need for more content on your site by reading your latest posts.

What is Youtube?

If you are looking for good content that is relevant to your blog, Youtube can be the answer. All you have to do is find or make a video and share it with the world. Though videos rarely convert on their own, adding links back to your site in the description box of your videos will help increase visitors from this source.
*SEO Tip: Description boxes in YouTube are 200 characters long by default but can accommodate much more text if needed; just type “more” at the bottom of each paragraph and press enter to merge them all together into one big block.

Generally this would include; Home, About, FAQs, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions. Then any specifics to the site, maybe a few blog posts and a shopping cart.

However some websites have hundreds of pages.

What is DIVI?

My favorite WordPress theme is Divi because it has a very clean design. It’s been specifically designed for easy customization of the site’s appearance and content so that anyone with a little bit of knowledge can create impressive websites in no time at all.

What is Yoast SEO?

A great plugin for WordPress is Yoast SEO because it helps me optimize my content and gives suggestions on how to improve the quality of your site.
It provides a free online tool so you can determine which keywords will most likely attract more visitors, points out errors that might have gone unnoticed before, has social media integration with Facebook OpenGraph tags (to help increase likes), integrates Google’s Schema mark-up code into articles by default without having to do any manual coding work. In turn it can improve your website ranking

What is Mailchimp?

With Mailchimp, you can create segments based on user behavior or interests which is an excellent way to get people to open your email newsletters. You can also add images and videos as well as text links in the body of your message. To make it even better, you can test out different layouts and see what works best for a particular target audience.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a web-based tool that helps you see how well your site is doing in Google’s search results. It allows you to upload sitemaps, which are a list of links to all the individual pages on your website, and maintain a sitelink search query report. Uploading your sitemap lets google know you have a website that needs crawling.

What is PINGDOM?

If you are trying to make your site load faster, the Pingdom tool might be able to help. Pingdom is a web-based service that lets you know how fast your website is loading. It can sometimes be a bit temperamental and give you different speed results, but it’s mostly very accurate. The free version works well for me.

What is Woorank chrome extension?

Woorank is a free Chrome extension that can help you analyze a website when your browsing it. It will give you an understanding of how well the pages are ranking, where they rank, and some suggestions on what can be improved to drive better rankings.
You just need to install the free chrome extension from their app store page. Once installed, it will automatically collect data about your site such as its locations, links and other metadata information which can then be used to determine how well each page ranks in SERPs for various keywords or phrases. It tells you things like if there are H1s, H2s and how many words there are on a page.

Find the link to the WooRank extension

What is Wordcounter?

Wordcounter is a free web-based service that as the name suggests, counts the words on a website page. It’s easy when writing up a document, to copy and paste your text straight in.

What is Grammarly chrome extension?

Grammarly is a free web-based service that reads what you are writing. It tells you any spelling and grammatical errors. It lets you know how your tone of voice is coming across, and it also offers quick suggestions. It will help with your content. I have it running all the time. Check it out here.

What is Answer the public?

Answer the Public is a research tool that helps you understand how people think and feel about your business, product or service. Answer the public uses Google’s autocomplete to show people what they’re actually searching for, which means it can give you insights into questions that are on their mind. It also gives you a chance to see what others are saying about your company across social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This way, you’ll know where there might be room for improvement and what areas of your business should be focused on improving first. It helps with building content

The tools I use to build and maintain my websites are what allow me to provide the best service for you. If your website is not performing well, it may be time that you invest in a new tool or hire someone who can help take on some of the workload so that your site performs better! Let us know if we can help with any of these services. We’re here for you every step of the way from design through to hosting maintenance.


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